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The owner of this website is Budwig Center, S.L. with tax number B93031664 and address Calle HUESCAR, 5. EDIF. GALAXIA, 28, código postal 29007, Malaga.

The provider, who is responsible for this website, has drawn up this document to make it available to the user in compliance with the obligations set forth in Information Society and E-Commerce Services Act 34/2002 (LSSI-CE), as well as in order to inform all users of the website of the terms and conditions of use of this website.

Anyone accessing this website is deemed to be a user, thus committing to strictly follow and fulfil the provisions herein and any other legal provisions that may apply.

The provider reserves the right to amend any piece information appearing on the website without prior notice or advice to the users of such an obligation, and the publication of any amendments on the website of the provider shall be deemed as sufficient notice.

The provider waives all responsibilities derived from the information published on its website in the cases where the information has been handled or introduced by a third party unrelated to the provider.

The website of the provider may use cookies (small pieces of data sent by the server to the computer accessing this page) in order to carry out specific tasks that are considered essential for the adequate operation and visualisation of the site. The cookies used in the website are, in all cases, temporary, and their only purpose is the provision of a more effective eventual transmission. They disappear when the user session is ended. Under no circumstances are the cookies used to collect personal information.

The client website may redirect you to the contents of third party websites. As the provider cannot always control the contents that are introduced by third parties on its websites, the provider does not hold itself responsible for such contents. In any case, the provider states that it will immediately proceed to remove any contents that may contravene any national or international laws, morality or the public order, by immediately removing the redirection link to the aforementioned website and reporting the contents in question to the relevant authorities.

The provider shall not be held responsible for the information and contents stored in forums, chats, blog generators, comments, social networks, amongst others, and any other means allowing third parties to independently publish contents on the provider’s webpage. However and in fulfilment of the provisions of article 11 and 16 of LSSI-CE, the provider commits to make itself available to all users, authorities and security forces and actively cooperate in the removal or, where applicable, the blockage of all contents that may affect or contravene national or international laws, the rights of third parties or morality and the public order. Should any user understand that the webpage includes contents that are susceptible to such qualification, they are kindly requested to immediately notify this circumstance to the website administrator.

This website has been checked and tested for correct operation. In principle correct operation can be assured for 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. However, the provider does not rule out the possibility of certain programming errors, force majeure events, natural disasters, strikes or similar events taking place and therefore hindering access to the webpage.

The provider is deeply committed to comply with current Spanish law in terms of personal data protection and commits to fully comply with the obligations imposed, as well as with the implementation of the security measures required in article 9 of Data Protection Act 15/1999 and the Regulations for Development of Data Protection Act.

The provider has a company Privacy Policy that the users can access, which provides the following information:

Details of the entity responsible for handling the data
Data being handled
File where the data is being stored
Purpose of the data handling
Indication of whether it is compulsory or not to provide the data, as well the consequences should these not be provided.

User rights and procedure to follow in order to exercise them.

The website, including programming, editing, compilation and other elements necessary for operation, the designs, logos, text and/ or graphics, amongst others, are the property of the provider and/or its partners and associated providers or, where applicable, the provider holds an express license or authorisation issued by the authors. All the contents of the website are duly protected by intellectual and industrial property rights as well as being registered at the relevant public registers.

Regardless of the purpose of the data, full or partial reproduction, use, marketing, distribution and commercialisation, require prior written authorisation of the provider in all cases. Any use that has not been previously authorised by the provider will be deemed as material breach of the intellectual or industrial property rights held by the author.

Designs, logos, text and/ or graphics that are unrelated to the provider and appear on its website belong to their respective proprietors and these shall be responsible for any issues that may arise deriving from them. In any case, the provider has been expressly and previously authorised by the above.

If you wish to make any comments on a suspected breach of the intellectual or industrial property rights or any of the contents of this website, please use our contact page.

Cookies are files that are sent to a browser via a web server in order to register the user activities on the website. The cookies that our company, our business partners or other parties install when you visit this website do not recognise you personally as an individual or damage your device in any way; they just recognise the device you are using, allow you to access several important functions of the website, keep private areas of the website secure, remember your preferences, customise the contents of the website so that it is more relevant to you and allow us to keep a record of the number of visits we receive on each page and perform anonymous statistical analyses which help us improve our service.

Please find to follow information on the types of cookies we currently use on our website:

When you navigate our website our cookies or those of third parties may be downloaded and stored on your browser. Except for session cookies (which are temporary), the majority of our cookies have a predetermined lifespan which you can check on your browser or operative system. These cookies are installed with the following purposes:

Session control cookies: They allow us to recognise you when you access the personal area of this page, establish measures to protect you against non-authorised access attempts and remember the selections you have made on our forms (for example during a registration or purchase process). Without session cookies, when you click on a link (for example, when you click on “next”), the new page will not recognise your previous activities on the previous pages and your navigation may not flow (for example, during a purchase process). These are generally temporary files which are eliminated when you close the browser, so when you return to this page, you will need to restart your session if you want to go to your personal area.

Preference cookies: They allow this site to remember your preferences of web appearance or behaviour. If you decide to delete these cookies, the site’s functionality shall not be affected, although your user experience may be worse, as you will need to select your preferences every time you visit the site.
Publicity cookies: These allow for a more effective management of the spaces where advertising is placed, either on our website or on third party sites (for example, they allow us to keep track of how many people click on the ads we put on this website or others). Although they are not necessary in order to navigate the website, they do help to receive relevant commercial information that suits your interests.

Analysis Cookies: They allow us to understand how each user interacts with our website (for example, what pages generate most interest, how many people visit the site, how long is the average time of the visit to the site, etc.). This information is treated anonymously with the purpose of identifying the issues that most interest our users and how we can improve our products and services, the operation of the website or your user experience. Although they are not necessary to navigate through our portal, we would like you to help us improve by accepting these cookies which will not store any personal information about you.

Social cookies: These are used to interrelate to external social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Google, Pinterest, etc.). They control the interaction with the social widgets within the pages. These types of cookies are used in domains such as, or

Persistent or tracking cookies: These cookies remain stored in your system after you close the Internet Explorer navigator (they are developed by Microsoft). Websites use them in order to store information such as the name and password used to login a session, so that you don’t need to begin a new session every time you visit a site. Persistent cookies can remain in your system for days, months and even years.

In order to enable/ disable cookies, you are required to use your Internet browser. You can set it up so that a screen warns you on receiving cookies and you can accept them or refuse them individually, as well as preventing their installation on your hard drive by default. If your browser is set up to refuse to install cookies by default, your experience of the website may be limited (for example, you may not be allowed to complete a purchase).

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In the set up menu, on the upper right area of the browser, select ‘Options’ (Mac setting) and click ‘Show advanced options’. Select ‘Content settings’. In the cookie section, select ‘Allow local data to be stored (recommended)’.

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Mozilla Firefox (for Mac)
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In the upper area toolbar menu, click Safari and select ‘Preferences’. Open the privacy tab. Select the option you wish from the selection of ‘blocking cookies’.

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In order to resolve any disputes or issues relating to this website or the activities performed in it, Spanish law will apply and the parties expressly submit to them and agree to the Courts and Tribunals of Malaga as the competent authorities to resolve any disputes deriving or relating to their use.